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Balicasag Island Bohol - Things to Do

Balicasag Lighthouse, Balicasag IslandBalicasag Lighthouse

If you want to kill some time after you had fun on the sanctuary and wants to try something different or if your food are not cooked yet . Then this is the good time to flex some muscle and explore the island.


Explore Balicasag Fish Sanctuary, Balicasag Island Balicasag Fish Sanctuary

Their fish sanctuary is good not too deep, you can even walk if you want. I never seen so much colorful fish sliding in my hands before just to have a piece of bread. We spent 2 hours wandering around the sanctuary. You have to pay 50 pesos per head for the small banca boat....

Snorkeling or Diving?, Balicasag IslandSnorkeling or Diving?

Probably the best part of my Bohol trip was to snorkel in Balicasag waters! Gradually, the waters gets deeper until you come across a great wall of coral reef, whose depth is only referenced by the pitch black darkness looming, plunging below.

Snorkelling, Balicasag IslandSnorkelling

Banca boats carrying the tourist from Panglao Island stop at a spot outside the sanctuary. Outrigger boatmen will then fetch the tourists and bring them to the designated snorkeling area. This service is an additional P100 per head, including equipment....

Picnic, Balicasag IslandPicnic

After a few hours of snorkeling, one will surely feel a need for a full meal (lunch) at the beach. Food can be arranged on the spot with the locals, usually delicious seafood dishes (fishes, shrimps, seashells, etc.) with buco juice.

1.Black Forest - The Black Forest is considered by many experienced divers to be the best Balicasag Island has to offer. With green sea turtles and schools of barracuda and jacks, the Black Forest is one of the most bio diverse and vibrant sites in the Philippines. The Black Forest is a hard coral slope down to 40m where you can find a colony of garden eels. Medium to strong currents make the Black Forest of Balicasag make is a great site for a drift dive.

2.Divers' Heaven - Divers' Heaven may be the most aptly named dive site we know of. The vertical drop from 6m to 40m make Divers' Heaven a great wall dive- one of many to be found while diving at Balicasag Island. Like most of Balicasag Island, hard corals dominate the shallow areas. You can commonly encounter such spectacular species as Napoleon wrasse, scorpion fish, anglerfish, and angelfish.

3.Balicasag Cathedral - The Cathedral at Balicasag is truly divine. You may encounter turtles, triggerfish, puffer fish, and many others. The Balicasag Cathedral wall has many whip corals, soft corals, and sea fans. The 8m shallow area is dominated with copious hard coral cover and reef fish. This makes the Cathedral a great place for snorkelers and divers alike.

4.Balicasag Sanctuary - The Balicasag Sanctuary is the protected area of Balicasag Island. This is where you can expect to find hatchlings and many juvenile species. The drop at this site runs from 4m to to 60m, so you're diving over the deep blue, making it a true wall dive. There are a few small caverns and at least one great swim-through. There's also a school of big-eye jacks numbering in the thousands.

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