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DOTC says Panglao still best location for airport


Opposition looms vs. new Bohol airport in Panglao

Dec 28, 2014 | News | 0 comments

TAGBILARAN CITY. – Since the construction of a new airport in Panglao town was floated during the time of then Gov. Constancio “Nonoy” Torralba as part of the so-called Panglao Island Tourism Estate (PITE), there were oppositions against the project. Just as the construction is all set in March next year, the same opposition looms has been revived against it.
Since Torralba’s time as governor, the source of funds for the project was the primary reason for its implementation. In the meantime, former Gov. Torralba has to defend the construction of a new airport in Panglao against the opposition against the project.
Among the top reasons advance by those opposed against it was that the construction of a new airport should not be done in Panglao town where out world-class beaches are located.
The white resorts in Panglao has placed Bohol as part of the tourist destination of the world and to construction a new airport would be tantamount to destroying the tourism industry in the province.
Then came the administration of Gov. David Tirol. The efforts to secure funds for the airport construction started with the Japan Overseas Economic Cooperation Fund (OECF). The effort to secure funds was followed up during the time of then Gov. Rene L. Relampagos.
But it was through the efforts of the late Erico B. Aumentado, as second district congressman, that pave the way for the source of funds for an international airport in Panglao. Until such time that Aumentado succeeded as governor of the province.
As the funds were okayed, the bidding for the construction of the new airport started at the third and final term of Aumentado as governor. Unfortunately, the bidding did not materialize as it was already the election time.
Finally, during the second term of Gov. Edgar Chatto, the new airport has been included as among the top priorities of Pres. Benigno Aquino III. However, it is no longer an international airport. It is now called as a new Bohol airport. Its funding source is already the Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA).
In fact, JICA already announced last week that the winning bidder , which is a Japanese construction firm, will be awarded with the project soon. This means that the project can be implemented in March next year.
But again, the opposition against the project has resuscitated. Reports said the grounds cited by the oppositors against the project are the same reasons raised during the time of then Gov. Nonoy Torrralba.
But this time, the oppositors had already an alternative. Instead of constructing a news airport in Panglao, a new convention center must be built in order to expand the operations of the resorts and hotels in the area and thus further improved the tourism industry in the province.

New Bohol airport has final masterplan
Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) has submitted the final detailed design study report which serves as the masterplan of the ultimate execution of the P7.4 billion new Bohol airport.

Gov. Edgar Chatto on Thursday received the bulky document required to set in full swing the major stages of the ambitious project, including the bidding of the construction of the runway, terminal building and other facilities.

New Bohol airport to rise!

The much-awaited, much-publicized, most controversial and most-betted upon P7.1B New Bohol Airport Project in Bohol is now on its final phase of preparations before implementation.

The New Bohol Airport Local Project Management Team (LPMT) of the Provincial Government of Bohol (PGBh), together with representatives from the Department of Transportation and Communication (DOTC), the National Housing Authority (NHA), the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP), and the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), met with the Project-Affected Families (PAFs) of Panglao to "iron out together" loose ends of the project to avoid concerns later on.


Necessity of the project due to the impracticality of the continued use of the current Tagbilaran City Airport was lengthily explained by proper agencies where updates of the project's progress were also discussed.

Appropriate issues, like boundary fencing, entry and exit points, resettlement scheme, mechanisms on addressing grievances, livelihood programs for the PAFs and other related matters were given attention and appropriately explained by proponents.

Last March 27 this year, the national government and the JICA group inked together the "Japanese ODA loan agreement" for the project.

This is also prove, without a doubt the promise made by Pres. PNoy himself that the new airport would be realized before he steps down from office in 2016.

According to Provincial Legal Officer Atty. Mitchell John Boiser, the bidding process for "the site's fencing and clearing activities started last April.

Temporary works would commence, most probably, in July this year;" whereas construction of the new arport's runway and terminal is eyed to start in January2014,” Boiser stressed.

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