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Resorts, hotels Panglao island Bohol


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Located 3 minutes (500 Meters) walking distance from Alona Beach. A new budget resort hotel. Our Rooms are spacious, airy and bright. All of our rooms are amply furnished with tiled floors, soft comfortable beds, clean linens, and clean bathrooms with hot water.

Resorts, hotels Panglao island Bohol


 Panglao Regents Park Resort                             read more

A the natural choice when you desire high quality rooms and facilities, an exotic atmosphere, and easy access to everything Alona Beach and Panglao Island have to offer! We are striving to provide our guests with an unforgettable stay while they are enjoying the highlights and natural beauty of Panglao Island....



Alona Beach Directory. Essential Telephone Numbers and web addresses.
Medical Services: Local Doctor, hospital and Dentists. All the things you hope you will never need.
Balicasag Predators on the lookout for you! OF ALL the fish in the sea, you might think that the shark is the one feared by most people:
Christianity in the Philippines Link: RELIGION forms the basis of life for almost every Filipino, from birth to death and beyond: it follows them everywhere
Fair game for the hunter-gatherers: IT IS an unfortunate fact of life all over the Far East that hassle is the name of the game
Driving "Driving" In The Philippines : VISITORS to the Philippines find many things ‘odd’ about the country…
Serenity*Sun*Sand and Sea If you want sun, sand, sea.
Bohol History: Bohol consists of the main island plus 72 associated smaller islands.
Places to go in the Visayas. All you need to know about travelling around the Visayas. 
Spending time in the slow lane. THERE are times when the world gets too much to bear and things have to slow down a little.
Facts about AlonaOriginally it was called Tawala Seaside.
International Friends  There is something about a certain 900-meter stretch of white sand beach on Bohol.
Oops! they’ve done it again! With prices beginning at under P1,000 per night for single occupancy.
Carabao! IF THE TRACTOR is the indispensable working tool of most Western farmers.
Massage! SOME people have a lot of bad things to say about massage girls in the Far East.
Days of the Cobras… IT ISN’T all fun and games living on a tropical island although, for the most part, visitors think it is: there are a few things that you have to put up with
Mollusks make magic material... DIVE anywhere in the ocean and you will find a mollusk somewhere. 
Days of rape and plunder… NOT all visitors to Panglao Island on Bohol have been made welcome in the past, not like they are today.
Bigmouth’ is on the way back: SAY the word ‘shark’ and most people almost shudder like a jelly.
Sing a song if you dare: IF MUSIC be the food of love, never ask a Filipino to sing at suppertime.
Running the river of delights: TAKING things easy does not mean that you are restricted to sitting on the sands admiring the distant views and toasting yourself on a local beach. 
Snakes  he’s a big one: IT’S NOT that I’ve gone snake-mad recently.
Come to us for a pig-out: FRIENDSHIP – and particularly family loyalty – goes back hundreds, if not thousands, of years on Bohol. 
The island that loves elephants! EVERY town and village on Bohol has its’ special Feast and Fiesta Day, and quite a few have more than one each year to mark the occasion.
The tribal spread of the Atis: DIFFERENT tribes have formed the rich diversity of the population which currently makes up the Philippines. 
Products of the chikka-chikka factories: SINCE nearly half of the population in the Philippines is not gainfully employed in the fabrication of products and services. 
Everyone can play the tuba: YES YOU CAN – it’s dead easy. All you do is open your mouth and swallow…preferably before you get a taste of it on your tongue. 
Bohol’s Prince of Peace: THE island of friends stands out head and shoulders above the rest of the Philippines. 
The eggs with legs: It sounds innocuous enough when you first hear the pedal cyclist with the cool box wandering around the town.
BODY-ART: is as old as the hills in the Visayas – or, at least, as old as recorded history. 
In the spirit of Christmas: CHRISTMAS celebrations in the Philippines are said to be the longest in the world and are steadily getting longer.
Food, Glorious Food! IF THE way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, men in the Philippines have no choice but to expand like a balloon.
Filipinos and devotion! In a country where the people feel more poor compared to Westerners.
The name of the game… SOMETIMES it is difficult to figure out how a place got its’ name in the Philippines.
There’s monkey business on Bohol! IF YOU thought that all Tarsiers look the same; it’s time to think again! They are just as individual as people themselves. Just like their big brothers – us humans
Getting Around: Trains, Planes and Automobiles... and ‘Habal-habal’ bikes.
Panglao Market SUNDAY may be the day when the pious of Panglao head for the local church or chapel.
Away For A Day Going out for the day is one of the things you can do.
Rings and Things JEWELLERY has always played an important part in the life of the Filipino: 
Panglao Wildlife NOT all life exists in the seas around Panglao.
Some Fishy Friends WHEN you admire the scenery and absent-mindedly run your fingers through some fine coral white sand as you soak up the sun on any of the beaches in the Philippines.